Pool Play Menu

Sort pool by column A

Click a single cell in the body of the pool before running.

Shortcode: )=

Column A would be set to the pool rank either:

  1. By entering the policy option "sortable":true before initialising pool play, or
  2. By nanually entering the appropriate formula and copying down.

Sort pool by column A also works for sides events where the side spans several rows.

Sort pools for round

Click on a round header e.g. R1, R2 etc. before running.

Will sort all pools on the sheet by rink number for the selected round, preserving proper opponent order.

To return to the default sort order chick on the leftmost cell in any round header, i.e. column A, and run again.

Toggles > Toggle qualifiers

Toggles the visibility of Qs (or Ps) in the Q column.

Shortcode: )tq

Toggles > Toggle plate

Toggles between displaying Qs for qualifiers and Ps for non-qualifiers in the Q column.

Shortcode: )tp

Note: Ensure that the event is finished and qualifiers are toggled on first.

Toggles > Toggle ends

Toggles the visibility of the 'ends' columns.

> Toggles > Toggle home & away

In home and away pool play toggles the shade of grey to indicate an 'away' game or match. Select 1 or more discrete 'rink' cells (the grey ones).

You can select multiple discrete cells with Ctrl+click.

Set qualifier count

There are 3 steps:

  • Manually insert a row above Pool 1
  • Clear formatting with Ctrl+\
  • Click in the Q column on that row

Set qualifier count will insert the formula to count qualifiers below.

Set pool rinks

Click in the body of a pool before running. Will reset the rinks for the pool size and number of rounds.

Set column A to pool rank

Sets formulas in column A (for all pools on the sheet) to the pool rank, useful for sorting (see Sort pool by column A).

Clear pool scores

Click in the body of a pool before running. Will clear all scores for the pool.

Remove team (creating byes)

When a team withdraws from pool play and no replacement is possible, you can permanently delete their row from the chart, thus producing a series of byes.