Lives Policy

Lives policy is part of your sheet policy, and is available in the Settings sidebar. Typical lives policy

You can set Lives policy on the Entries sheet, or on the Pool play sheet any time prior to initialising lives play.

Be sure to Save any changes before navigating to another sheet.


Chartroom will shuffle entries or qualifiers into random order for round 1.

Shuffle rounds

Chartroom will shuffle teams (within lives) for all rounds.

SCDP (Same Clubs Don't Play)

Will perform a random draw in round 1 such that teams from the same club or organisation don't play each other. Only check this if it makes sense for your event.

Groups of

Normally 16 or a power of 2. Required.

If you want 1 section only, set this so it's greater than or equal to the field size.

Chartroom has robust algorithms for dividing the field into viable sections while minimising the total number of sections.

Group text

Text to label each section. Can be edited on the lives paly charts at any time.

The default is "Section #", giving "Section 1", "Section 2" …
"Group #A" would give "Group A", "Group B" …


Select 1, 2, or 3.

Custom Lives Policy

Modify or add advanced policy options in Tools > Edit policy. Specify in json object "custom":{"livesPolicy":{ }}.

Ranking play roundOf

This is the round of value (number of teams in the round) after which ranking play is to apply.

Limited to 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64. E.g. specify as "rpro":4 to get a playoff for 3rd and 4th as well as the final.