What is Chartroom?

Chartroom works within Google Sheets to make running bowls events both large and small much easier.

Chartroom turns ordinary spreadsheets into automated spreadsheets that you can share and publish. It leverages the power of Google Drive and the Google Cloud Platform.

Entering scores is a breeze. Put the score in for one opponent and watch the other side update also.

With Chartroom you can easily:

  • Manage entries
  • Perform manual or automated draws
  • Generate pool play charts at the click of a mouse
  • Rank and sort charts as needed
  • Identify qualifiers
  • Transition to knockout play in seconds
  • Run 1, 2 or 3 life elimination play
  • Find the winner or the final placings

Chartroom works in web browsers and on mobile devices using the Google Sheets app.

There is no searching for the winner in Chartroom – they are always front and centre.

Chartroom is a real-time system so your public always sees up-to-the-minute information. You publish the same charts that you use to control the event.

Chartroom could work for other sports as well, for example snooker.

Example: World Bowls Championship 2016

Here is Chartroom's take on the final stages of the World Bowls Championship held in New Zealand in 2016. The winner always floats to the top of these charts. Also shown is the optional game table for detailed scoring of finals.

World Bowls 2016 finals

And the all-important points tally for the Taylor Trophy which uses standard spreadsheet formulas. World Bowls 2016 Overall Side

The simplest way to navigate the documentation is to use the Next and Previous arrows <  > on each page. You can see your progress represented by the check marks (✓) in the sidebar.