5–minute Quickstart

On a desktop or laptop machine login to your Google account and open New Chartroom in a modern browser such as Google Chrome.

Go menu File > Make a copy... Rename as you please. You are now the owner of a Chartroom spreadsheet.

You can close the original New Chartroom.

The active sheet is an Entries sheet sheet, named First Event Entries.

You can rename it but whatever it is must end with " Entries".

Go menu Chartroom > Dashboard to open the sidebar.

You will need to authorise the script so Chartroom has access to your data. If you are OK with that then scroll down and allow the script to run. Chartroom does not store any personal user data.

On the Dashboard check Entries. Then click Get sample data. Opt for 26 entries.

On the Dashboard click Initialise pool play.
Chartroom creates the sheet First Event with default pool policy. You will see 2 pools, one of 14 and one of 12.

You will see 3 rounds each with a grey column of numbers (rinks, mats, etc.) and a column to enter scores. Don't change the formatting in these columns!

From this point you can continue with the Mobile Quickstart.

Start entering scores for Pool 1 Round 1. Either enter scores like 17-9 or enter r to generate random scores for that round.

Don't enter them too fast. A measured pace is best.

Continue entering scores for both pools and all 3 rounds.

To qualify players need 2 wins from 3 games. Note the number of qualifiers.

On the Dashboard uncheck Entries, check Lives play and click Initialise qualifiers above.

Chartroom creates a Lives play section above the Pool play using the default lives policy, which is 1-life knockout with binary byes.

Binary byes are allocated in Round 1 to reduce the field to an even power of 2.

Choose any player who has a game in round 1 and enter an r to the right of the grey cell. Wait for the scores to fill in.

Click anywhere in the body of Section 1, then on the Dashboard click Advance section.

Continue entering the r and advancing the section until you reach the final.

Try entering your own score for the final, say 14-21.

If the winner is in position 2, click anywhere on that row and click Float winner on the Dashboard.

Congratulations, you have completed your first Chartroom event. Your sheet should look something like this.

First Event chart