Lives Play Menu

Advance section

Advance the section to the next round. Score all games, and ensure the active cell is in the body of the section.

Shortcode : )*

If you advance by accident or discover an error you can Reverse section.

Merge survivors

Picks up all survivors in the current round and merges them into 1 or more new sections above.
Fully score the round, but don't advance the sections before merging.

Shortcode: )mg

If you merge by accident or prematurely just delete the newly-created rows.

You can use the Lives policy Group text to differentiate the new merged sections, e.g. "Day 2 Section #".

Initialise qualifiers above

Run from a Pool play sheet to initialise Lives play above in accordance with the sheet's Lives policy.

Ensure that qualifiers are identified by "Q" (actually it can be any character) in the "Q" column.

Shortcode: )iqa

Initialise > Initialise selected right

Select several teams in adjacent rows before running. Chartroom initialises Lives play in columns to the right.

Shortcode: )isrn where n is a number e.g. )isr6

Initialise > Initialise seeded byes

Will initialise seeded Lives play above the Pool play. The top 3 in each pool qualify with the top-ranked seeded into round 2, i.e. receives a bye, and plays the winner of the round 1 game between a second and third-ranked qualifier.

Seeded groups policy can be used to specify the playing order. e.g.

    "seededGroupsPolicy": {
        "order": [1, 8, 5, 4, 3, 6, 7, 2]

Initialise > Initialise main & plate events

Will initialise a Plate event for non-qualifiers, then a Main event for qualifiers.

Set survivor count

Click on the topmost round header (e.g. that you intend to merge) before running. Chartroom inserts a line above.

Shortcode: Append )ssc to the round e.g. R4)ssc

Reset rinks

Running this tells Chartroom to forget the prior rink history when allocating rinks.

Insert game table

Click on the section header row to insert a scorecard table for a final. Prompts for the number of ends in the bowls game, and picks up the initials of the opposing players or skips. Will insert the game table in 2 columns to the right..

Reverse game table

Select the whole game table and run. Reverses the heading and scores for each end.

Float winner

If the winner of the final game is in position 2, click any cell on that row and run.

Shortcode: )fw

Insert team

If a team has been omitted from Lives play you can insert a blank team row into any section that is not all byes.

Reverse section

Click in the body of the section before running. Chartroom backs up the section to the previous round.

Shortcode )rs