Sides Policy

Sides Policy is part of the sheet policy avaiable in the Settings sidebar. It is held in a JSON text string..

Example Sides Policy:

    "name": "Wellington Premier Interclub",
    "sidesOf": 3,
    "forfeit": "0-10",
    "poolPlay": {
        "wldField": "matchPoints",
        "matchPoints": {
            "gameScope": [[11,99,8],[1,10,7],[0,0,4],[-2,-1,1]],
            "matchScope": []
    "livesPlay": {
        "wldField": "gamesFor"

The indenting and spacing is not important. You would paste this in Settings as:

{"name":"Wellington Premier Interclub","sidesOf":3,"forfeit":"0-10","poolPlay":{"wldFfield": "matchPoints","matchPoints":{"gameScope":[[11,99,8],[1,10,7],[0,0,4],[-2,-1,1]],"matchScope":[]}},"livesPlay":{"wldField":"gamesFor"}}

Note that the syntax is important. You must verify that your string is valid JSON before Saving the Settings. Chartroom does not check this for you, and sides play will not work if it is not valid. For more information contact your Chartroom technical support.


For documentation purposes only. Optional.


How many teams per side.


The score to be used for a forfeited game.


Policy related to Pool play.


This is the field used to determine the result, i.e. win, loss, or draw. Allowable options are "matchPoints", "gamesFor", or "shotsFor".

matchPoints at game scope

This is a list of 3-item arrays saying how matchPoints are calculated from the score in each of the games.

[11,99,8] says a win by 11 to 99 shots is worth 8 match points.
[1,10,7] says a win by 1 to 10 shots is worth 7
[0,0,4] says a draw is worth 4
[-2,-1,1] says a loss by 1 or 2 shots is worth 1 point

matchPoints at match scope

Is a similar list of 3-item arrays saying how matchPoints are calculated from the aggregate score of all games. In this example there are no matchPoints at match scope so the list is empty.



Can be either gamesFor, shotsFor or matchPoints as above.

Default policy

The default policy is rather simple.


providing for sides of 3 teams and matches decided on total shots for.