Scoring Basics

Scoring in Chartroom, in both pool play and lives play, depends on the value in the hidden cell A1, which relects the playing format. At present the options are:

Team play format with scores output as for–against.
Team play format with output as points for only.
Sides play format with a list of scores (i.e. 1 score for each game in the match).
Best of a number of games requiring a list of scores.
Outdoor bowls sets format; 2 sets plus a possible tiebreaker.

Team play

Enter a score as "points for-points against" e.g. 21-14, or 14-21, or 19-19, and wait for Chartroom to score both opponents. The opponent is found by the common game number within the group.

You can also enter a secondary score if this applies e.g. 27-11,13-5, or 11-27,5-13. In bowls this would typically be an ends score.

Chartroom will output numeric data in the hidden cells to the right.

Chartroom does not automatically provide totals and ranking for secondary scores. Use a custom sheet like the NZIB Trans Tasman.

Drawn games and matches

Chartroom is very tolerant of draws. If you enter a draw Chartroom will likely accept it. In pool play a draw is worth half a win, and in lives play both opponents lose half a life.

Progress scores

Append p or * to the score of a game in progress, e.g. 10-9p, or 10-9*.

Deleting a score

To delete a score just delete the score for 1 opponent. Chartroom will delete the other side of the game for you.

Forfeited game (defaults)

These occur when one opponent doesn't show up or otherwise forfeits the game to their opponent.

Enter f as the score for the team losing by forfeit, or wf as the score for the team winning by forfeit.

The forfeiting team gets a loss and their opponent a win.

Double forfeit

Rarely both opponents can forfeit. In either pool play or lives play enter ff as a score to give both opponents a loss. In pool play you could also give each opponent the average loss. In lives play both opponents would lose a life and, if both were 1-lifers, neither would advance to the next round.

Bye in pool play

A bye in pool play can be ignored if the pool is playing a full round-robin so every team gets a bye.

If this is not the case a simple bye win can be awarded by entering b as a score. For a specific score append b, e.g. 10-0b.

Giving a team the average win (or loss) in pool play

Sometimes you will want to give a team which is receiving a bye or a win by forfeit the average winning score for that pool and round.

Just click in the team's score cell and click Dashboard > Pool play > Set averge win (shortcode )saw ). Note that this does not require an opponent. Similarly for Set average loss if desired.

Games not played

Enter 0-0 or np as a score for a pool play game that, for whatever reason, was not played.

This will show as a 0–0 draw but will not count as a draw.

Result known but score unknown

Sometimes you will know the result but not the exact score. You can temporarily enter the result w, or l, or d as a score and, in lives play, advance the section if desired.

Sides play, best of play, sets play scoring.

See the relevant pages under Other Playing Formats for details.