Swiss Event

In a Swiss Event there is no pre-determined order of play beyond Round 1, rather the game-pairings are determined by rankings as the event progresses. So the cream will soon rise to the top, and at some stage you may need to decide whether 2 teams can play each other more than once.

Begin by gathering the entries on an Entries sheet and initialising as many rounds as you think you might need.

Delete the rinks in the grey columns for round 2 onwards.

Don't delete the formulas in the purple columns. To toggle the display of formulas go Control backtick Ctrl+`.

Set the formulas in column A to the pool rank. The Pos column will do e.g. =CK4 and copy down with Ctrl+D.


After round 1 Sort the pool by column A and pair off from the top.


After round 2 do the same.


And after round 3.


After the set number of rounds you are almost certainly guarenteed to have a clear winner.


The equivalent eliminatory event format is Lives Ranking Play.