Pool Policy

Pool policy is part of the sheet policy, and is edited in the Settings sidebar.

Typical pool policy

Set pool policy on the Entries sheet prior to initialising pool play.

Be sure to Save any changes before navigating to another sheet.


Shuffle the entries into random order.

SCDP (Same Clubs Don't Play)

Will attempt to perform a random draw such that teams from the same club or organisation don't play each other. Only check this if it makes sense for your event.


Will initialise pool play with ends columns visible in addition to the shots score. Ranking will be: wins (including draws), ends for, then shots for.


Allows a pool play field to be split into sessions. If this is set you would create 2 or more Entries sheets with names like Open Singles Session 1 Entries, Open Singles Session 2 Entries etc. When initialised pool play will all be on the Open Singles sheet. In addition you will be prompted for optional date and time information for each session.


Must be in the range 3–15. Required.

Groups of

Enter the maximum number of teams per pool. Required.
Chartroom create pools using Groups of as the maximum permissible pool size.

Chartroom has powerful algorithms for dividing fields of arbitrary size into viable pools.

Sub groups of

Set this if your event has sub groups.
Must be a divisor of Groups of (e.g. groupsOf = 16, subGroupsOf = 4).
If necessary Chartroom will add wildcards to make up the field.

Groups of strict

Check this if you want all pools to be of size Groups of.

Group text

Initial text to label each pool. Can be edited on the pool charts at any time.

The default is "Pool #", giving "Pool 1", "Pool 2" …
"Group #A" would give "Group A", "Group B" …

To qualify

Specify the qualifying criterion that applies to your pool play.

Set one (and only one) of:

  • Wins,
  • Overall rank, or
  • Pool rank

Wins means "Wins including draws", so a fractional value like 2.5 is fine.

Setting overall rank to a value less than zero is treated as a fraction of the field, e.g. 0.4 would mean 40% of the field would qualify.

If the event is decided solely on pool play with no knockout play set Pool rank to 1.

The To qualify criterion can also be changed during the event, for example to decrease the number of wins needed if fewer than the scheduled number of rounds are to be played.


Allows you to initialise subsets of entries separately by entering lower and upper limits, e.g. 1,64 would take the first 64 entries, 65,96 would take the next 32, and 97,* would take the remainder.

This is useful for very large fields or if you want to manage entries for multiple events on the same sheet.