Pool Policy

Pool policy is part of the sheet policy, and is edited in the Settings dialog.

Typical Pool Policy

Set pool policy on the Entries sheet prior to initialising pool play.

Be sure to hit Save settings.

Shuffle entries

Shuffle the entries into random order when initialising pool play (i.e."doing the draw").

Same clubs don't play (SCDP)

Perform a random draw such that teams from the same club or organisation don't play each other. Only check this if it makes sense for your event.

Has ends

Will initialise pool play with ends columns visible in addition to the shots score. Put the ends score after the shots score e.g. 12-7,5-4. Ranking will be: wins (including draws), ends for, then shots for.

Has qualifiers

Determines if qualifiers are shown and counted. Qualifiers are denoted by a Q in the Q column. Only check if qualifiers make sense for your event.


Must be in the range 3–15. Required.

Groups of

Enter the maximum number of teams per pool, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16... . Required.

Chartroom will determine the actual pool sizes based on the number of entries.

To qualify

Specify the qualifying criterion that applies to your pool play.

Type is either:

  • Wins including draws or
  • Pool rank or
  • Overall rank

Value is the number of wins e.g. 3, 2.5 etc., or the rank depending on qualifying type.

If the event is decided solely on pool play with no knockout play set Pool rank to 1.

To qualify type and value can be changed during the event, for example to decrease the number of wins needed if fewer than the scheduled number of rounds are to be played.

Advanced Pool Policy

Add or modify advanced pool policy options as JSON in Settings > Advanced.

Group text

Initial text that appears in the header row for each pool and can be used to control pool numbering etc. The pool header text can be edited on the charts at any time.

Specify as e.g. {"groupText":"Section #"}

The default is {"groupText":"Pool #"} giving Pool 1, Pool 2, Pool 3 …

{"groupText":"Group #A"} would give Group A, Group B, Group C …


Specify a title for the pool play charts e.g. {"title":"Dominion Pairs 2022"}.

You can also supply 2 titles (left and right) as a JSON array e.g. {"title":["12 Jan 2022","Dominion Pairs 2022\nTawa Bowling Club"]}

Differential points

Specify points for various game margins in groups of 2 values. E.g. to award 5 points for a win, 3 points for a draw, and 1 point for a narrow loss specify as {"points":[1,5,0,3,-1,1]}

Groups of strict

Specify if you want all pools to be strictly the same size. The field will be made up to a multiple of groupsOf by the addition of wildcards e.g. {"groupsOfStrict":true}

Sum by

Specify if you want a top summary table giving totals by the value in a particular column. This is useful for certain sides events e.g. {"sumBy":"C"}


Specify true to set up the pool rank in column A, e.g. {"sortable":true}.


Specify to protect a sheet from ever being sorted via Sort pool by column A, e.g. {"neverSortable":true}.


Specify true to get a spare blank round when initialising Pool Play, e.g. {"spareRound":true}.


Specify a certain rink table in a Masterdata sheet, e.g. {"rinkData":"Generic Singles Rinks"}.


Use characters from the right of the club for SCDP purposes. If strip is set to true these characters are removed. e.g. {"scdpSubstr":{"strip":false,"right":2}}