Sides Playing as Teams

A side can also play as separate teams with no match results being recorded.

Our example is the annual New Zealand Club Sides event, contested by the winners of 24 regional interclub competitions. Here is how the pool play looked in 2016: New Zealand Club Sides pool play

This is team play with the score format in cell A1 set to ForAg.

The sides are not playing matches against the other sides in the same round, so the qualifiers are decided on total games won (including draws), shot differential etc. Each team occupies a sheet row and the side spans several rows.

You can sort these charts with Sort pool by column A as normal

In 2016 the 6 pool winners qualified for knockout (1-life) play, which looked like this: New Zealand Club Sides lives play

This is true sides play. Just ensure you have specified the appropriate wldField for Lives play e.g. shatsFor.