Sides Play Basics

By convention in Chartroom two sides play a match.

In a match each team in side A plays the corresponding team in side B in the same round of the competition.

Thus if a side comprises a single, pair and fours team, all 3 game scores will be available together as a match score, e.g. 25-24,10-20,18-18. Not all sides competitions are like this, see Sides Playing as Teams.

Our example is loosely based on Bowls Wellington Premier Interclub, where club sides comprise a singele, pair, and a fours team.

Match points accrue as follows:

  • a game win is worth 7 points
  • a draw 4 points
  • 1 bonus point for a win by 11 or more shots
  • 1 bonus point for a loss by 1 or 2 shots
Wellington Premier Interclub chart

Cell A1 is set to "Sides".

Chartroom handles the scoring in accordance with the sheet's Sides Policy, with the rest of the chart's operation left to formulas under your control.

If column A is set to pool rank you can sort the pool using Pool play > Sort pool by column A.

To initialise Lives Play ensure your lives policy is set and the qualifiers are identified (by a Q in the Q column), then go Lives play > Initialise qualifiers above.

Typical sides policy json for lives play would be {"sidesPolicy":{"sidesOf":3,"livesPlay":{"bestOf":true}}}.

This chart is avaibable in Chartroom Mastersheets, sheet 9-10 Sides. You can copy this sheet or the whole spreadsheet and adapt for your own use. Also see Getting Help, and post a request for help with Sides policy in the Chartroom Community.

As with all charts entering scores is very convenient on a mobile device using the Sheets app. Be sure to "Freeze" columns 1–4.

Chartroom's random scoring is not possible for Sides Play.

The full sides policy for Wellington interclub is as follows:


Aggregate points

Match points can also accrue at match scope.

A typical pennant scenario might see 2 points for each game win and 2 points for the aggregate win on total shots. With draws included the sides policy json would be similar to:



A forfeited game can be entered in the usual way as "F" or "WF", e.g. 25-10,f,17-13 or wf,14-14,12-22.

Be sure to specify the default score for a forfeit in the sides policy, e.g. "forfeit":"0-10".

Initialising sides play

It is not possible to initialise sides play from an Entries sheet, either as pool play or lives play. You will need to develop the chart from scratch, or adapt one from Chartroom Mastersheets.

Of course you can always use the chart from the previous season and clear the pool scores with Utilities > Clear pool scores.

You can however initialise sides lives play from sides pool play, so long as:

  1. The appropriate livesPolicy and sidesPolicy.livesPlay are in the Settings, and
  2. Qualifying sides are marked, and
  3. The sheet structure conforms to the Chartroom standard.

Sides Play is tricky but worth mastering. For help post a request in the Chartroom Community.