Multiple lives

Chartroom also supports 2 and 3–life elimination play.

Losers can live to fight another day and players can aspire to win the event with all lives intact.

Multi-lives play can be initialised directly from entries or from pool play qualifiers.

Binary byes do not apply for this format of play and byes can occur in any round. Large multi-section events are possible and you can simulate the event beforehand to get an indication of how many rounds of play will be needed. Chartroom manages byes automatically.

Winners retain their existing lives, while losers lose 1 life.

Drawn games are possible with both opponents losing half a life.

The only exception is when 2 ½-lifers are contesting a final. Such a game cannot be drawn.

If the Shuffle rounds policy option is set Chartroom will shuffle the field (within lives) between rounds. Fractional-lifers are treated as the next highest whole life, e.g. 1.5-lifers will be randomly sorted amongst the 2-lifers.

Chartroom can count survivors in the current round. Just click on the topmost round header and then the menu option Set survivor count. Alternatively you can append the shortcode )ssc to the round header. There is no need to manually insert a row.

At any convenient stage you can merge the survivors into 1 or more consolidated sections above. Enter all scores for the current round, but do not advance the sections. Instead go Merge survivors, or shortcode )ms.

Example 2–life event

We will now run through a few rounds of a 2-life event so you can understand exactly what is going on.

This will be similar to the paper-based charts you may be familiar with, but subtly different.

Shuffle rounds is false and we won't allow draws. Here is the position prior to advancing round 1 2-life event chart 1

Haddock has received a bye and a win. Winners will be sorted up while losers will be sorted down. There will still be 15 players in round 2 and Bailey will get the next bye.

The round 1 playing order is also the "global bye order" – the order in which byes are allocated throughout the event.

We click in the body of the section and go Advance section or enter the shortcode )*.

2-life event chart 2

Let us enter some more random scores. 2-life event chart 3

When we advance the section 3 losing 1–lifers will be eliminated and we'll be left with 12 survivors including four 2–lifers. The four losing 2-lifers will be sorted in order below the four winning 1-lifers. 2-life event chart 4

Let us enter some more random scores. 2-life event chart 5

It's clear that four 1–lifers will be eliminated so again there'll be no bye in round 4. 2-life event chart 6

Let us enter more random scores in round 4. 2-life event chart 7

By now you'll have worked out that there will be 5 survivors in round 5. Rayner will receive the bye in accordance with the global bye order. 2-life event chart 8

2–life event with draws

If 2 opponents draw in lives play both lose half a life, and show as bold in the next round. 2–life event with draw

Don't confuse them with 2–lifers, they each now have 1.5 lives.

Example 3–life event

Exactly the same principles apply in the 3–life scenario. Here's how it might look after 2 rounds. 3-life event chart 1