Lives Ranking Play

With lives ranking play you can run a 1-life eliminatory event and rank the field at the same time. Losers are eliminated from the main event but play on to decide the minor placings.

Draws are not allowed in this variation of lives play.

In Lives policy specify the Ranking play roundOf from which ranking play applies. For example if you want a game to decide third and fourth in addition to the final specify roundOf = 4. Ranking play will begin when the event reduces to a single section and 4 survivors.

Below we have specified the policy setting Ranking play roundOf = 16 and have advanced the section as normal.

Ranking play start round 2

The winners are playing the quarter-finals while the losers can now finish no higher than 9th.

Ranking play start round 3

The losing quarter-finalists can now finish no higher that fifth.

Ranking play start round 4
Ranking play end round 4

Don't try to advance the section past the final!

Ranking play finished

The final positions are adjusted manually as necessary using Float winner on the Dashboard. In this instance only player Hartley needed to be floated up from 10th to 9th place.