Mobile Quickstart

Before starting ensure the Google Sheets app is installed on your device (tablet or phone, Android or iOS) and that you have the freshly-minted sheet First Event from the 5-minute Quickstart open.

For any player in Pool 1 Round 1 enter rr to the right of the grey cell and touch Enter. This will generate random scores for all rounds for the pool. Similarly for Pool 2.

To qualify players need 2 wins from 3 games. Note the number of qualifiers.

In any blank cell (i.e. no data or formula), enter the shortcode )iqa to Initialise qualifiers above.

Chartroom creates a Lives play section above the Pool play using the default event policy, which is 1-life knockout with binary byes.

Binary byes are allocated in Round 1 to reduce the field to an even power of 2.

Choose any player who has a game in round 1 and enter r to the right of the grey cell. Wait for all the scores to fill in.

In any cell to the right of a player enter the shortcode )* to Advance section.

Continue entering r and advancing the section until you reach the final.

Try entering your own score say 14-21.

If the winner is in position 2, touch anywhere in that row and append the shortcode )fw to Float winner.

Congratulations, you have completed your first Chartroom event on a mobile device.

With a few exceptions shortcodes can be entered in a blank cell, or appended to existing data in a cell. See Shortcodes for details.

Mobile Test screenshot