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Swap 2 teams

This will swap 2 teams on an Entries or pool play sheet, and is useful for fine-tuning draws. Also on the Dashboard.

Sway 2 teams has 2 modes of operation:

  1. Begin at the first team you want to swap, and drag down (any column will do) to the second team. Then run the job or click the Dashboard button. Chartroom will swap the top and bottom teams in the selection.
  2. Click on the first team and run Swap 2 teams. Chartroom will prompt for the sheet row number of the second team.

Set score column widths

Set the width of all score columns on the sheet.

If you leave the prompt blank Chartroom will toggle the sheet between For and For-Ag.

Set score formats to plain text

If not set to Plain Text a scores like 9-11 can be interpreted as a date, leading to an obtuse error.

Shuffle values

Select a range of data values and shuffle them vertically. Useful for pre-shuffling entries for example.

Reverse team order

Will reverse the order of comma-separated players in selected teams.

Move sheet max left

When copying sheets between spreadsheets they appear at the maximum right position in the destination spreadsheet. This job will move the active sheet to the leftmost position and, if necessary, rename it so as to remove the "Copy of".

Overall trophies

To be advised.

Edit Policy (Dasboard only)

This provides a quick method to edit policy directly.

Use with caution as invalid policy json will break Chartroom.