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Get card data

Creates a Cards data sheet with 1 row per game suitable for downloading as input to a scorecard print job.

Optional cards policy e.g. "cardsPolicy":{"groupTextSplit":2,"initialOnly":false}

Get … as entries > Get field as entries

Writes the current state of competitors from a Pool play or Lives play sheet back to its associated Entries sheet, creating it if necessary.

This could be used for example if a day's qualifying was rained off and you intend to initialise the entire field as a knockout event.

Get … as entries > Get qualifiers as entries

Writes qualifiers from a Pool play sheet back to its associated Entries sheet, creating it if necessary.

Get … as entries > Get eliminated as entries

Creates an Entries sheet populated by teams that have been eliminated from the main event suitable for initialising as a Plate event.

  • For Lives play prompts for a round range e.g. 1-4, and only selects teams eliminated in those rounds.
  • For Pool play selects all non-qualifiers (nothing in the Q column).

Publish sheet

Moves a sheet e.g. from a private staging spreadsheet to a public production spreadsheet.

You must set up the url of the public spreadsheet in the staging spreadsheet.

  • Open the public spreadsheet and copy the url. It doesn't matter what sheet you're on.
  • Open the staging spreadsheet, then under Tools open the Script Editor.
  • Where it says var publish_url = ""; paste the url between the double quotes.
  • Enter Ctrl+S to Save.

Tools sidebar

Opens a sidebar with buttons to run useful utilities.

Move sheet max left

When copying sheets between spreadsheets they appear at the maximum right position in the destination spreadsheet. This job will move the active sheet to the leftmost position, and remove the "Copy of" if it exists.

Run overall trophies

See Overall trophies

Reorder teams

Select a team or group of teams for reordering. Prompts for the new team order.

E.g. given the fours team:

  • Stoke – Shannon McIlroy, Peter Hodson, Seamus Curtin (Stokes Valley), Tony Grantham (Browns Bay)
  • with Curtin moving to skip
  • the new order would be 2,3,1,4, and the resulting team:
  • Stokes Valley – Seamus Curtin, Shannon McIlroy (Stoke), Peter Hodson (Stoke), Tony Grantham (Browns Bay)

To reverse the team order enter r.

For rotational triples and fours (skip moving to lead) enter 3,1,2 and 4,1,2,3 respectively.

Chart Setup > Edit Policy

This provides a quick method to edit policy directly.

Use with caution as invalid policy json will break Chartroom.

Chart Setup > Set score column widths

Set the width of all score columns on the sheet.

If you leave the prompt blank Chartroom will toggle the sheet between For and For-Ag.

Chart Setup > Set score formats to plain text

If not set to Plain Text a scores like 9-11 can be interpreted as a date, leading to an obtuse error.

Chart Setup > Set pool ranks

Sets, i.e. fixes, the pool rank formula for all pools on the sheet. This is useful if pools are manually copied and pasted.

Optionally will set column A to the pool rank, useful for sorting.