Seeded Groups

These are invitation tournaments where the team positions at the end of Phase 1 pool play determine the seedings for Phase 2, which can be either pool play or lives play.

For example the Paraparaumu Beach Masters 242 Pairs has Phase 1 as 8 pools of 6, then Phase 2 (pool play) is 6 pools of 8. So the 8 pool winners are seeded into the top pool for phase 2, the 8 second placegetters are seeded into the second pool, and so on.

In another example the Burnside Under-26 Singles has Phase 1 as 4 pools of 8, then Phase 2 (lives play) is 4 sections of 8. Here the top 2 from each pool are seeded into the top section, or main event.

The Stewart Buttar Invitation Pairs is another good example of seeded groups.

Before initialising seeded groups ensure that all pools are sorted in order of pool rank.

Seeded groups also supports seeding by overall rank. In this case sorting by pool rank is optional.

Seeded Groups Policy

Seeded groups policy can be supplied in the sheet policy or can be omitted if you want to run with the defaults. If supplied it should be of the form below (n.b. this is for a further phase of pool play):

    "seededGroupsPolicy": {
        "rounds": 3,
        "groupsOf": 4,
        "groupText": "",
        "name": "Masters Pairs PS",
        "order": [3, 7, 1, 5, 4, 6, 2, 8],
        "toQualify": {
            "wins": 0,
            "overallRank": 0,
            "poolRank": 1
  • If order is not specified it will be random.